Prime numbers, unique behaviours of things and controlling universe …

Sometimes  some questions that hard to ask may have simple solutions while some questions that has an easy way to ask have hard answers . Mentioning prime numbers anyone can ask a very hard question that may not be able to be  solved for centuries … Thats because  nothing is known about the sequence of primes. Math requires sharpness and everything must be obvious. The solutoin to the sequence of primes is related to the secrecy of universe we know. The unknown behaviours of nature, microcosmos, cosmos, anything that has unique behaviour that we can’t guess before , we can’t understand the next step is related to primes. İt’s something like that we can’t know where can be next earthquake. The complex of anything has its own order of its own complexness. And some complexes may have long term ordinary some may have short some may have infinite. The sequence of primes has an infinite unknown ordinary that next behaviour will not be known to show us what next prime number will be? This is the secrecy of universe. Simpliest symbol of the secrecyness of everything.The problem may be easy to understand but the solution may require infinite intelligence. İt’s like the password of the universe to understand and controll things. Human being may not live long enough to approach the solution. Who knows may be the solution is in front of eyes and we think that we can never solve just because it hasn’t been solved yet. The biggest problem of universe is not dark energy, black holes etc. İt’s obviously prime numbers if want to understand the characteristic of everything.

mετiη  ∫arıλar



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